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Chiropractic Care in Calgary

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dr ford adjusting a patientWhy Chiropractic?

Are you wanting to get out of pain? Get back to doing what you love? Or just want to be the healthiest version of you? We want all these things for you! Our Chiropractors are licensed primary contact Doctors. This means that they are trained to assess, diagnose and treat and you don’t need a medical doctor’s referral.

Why Us?

Adjusted For Life Chiropractic Health Centre has provided chiropractic care to residents of Calgary for the past 40 years. In those 40 years, we have helped many people get out of pain and back to what they love to do. Our doctors didn’t stop learning when they left school, rather they have continued to progress their knowledge and understanding to ensure their diagnosis, and treatment is aligned with the best and most current research.

Phases of Care

Our Assessment involves an in-depth set of questions about your health concern, mechanism of injury, what makes it feel worse and what you do for relief, to help us diagnose what the cause of the pain could be. This detailed history guides our physical assessment to confirm our thinking or rule out other conditions. We take pride in the fact that many patients tell us that this is the most thorough examination they have experienced.

Our main method of treatment is performing spinal corrections (adjustments). Ensuring that the spine is moving properly is a critical component of the healing process. However, adjusting is far from the only method of treatment that we use. We also utilize muscle releasing techniques, cupping, spinal decompression, class IV laser, Direct current, Shockwave and home rehab exercises.

Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan, that incorporates the best strategy to get you out of pain and back to being active, as soon as possible. Each plan includes a recommended treatment schedule, self-care instructions and an end date where we will perform a progressive examination to ensure that you are getting the desired results.

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What Our Patients Say:

  • Dr. Provided very thorough examination and helpful treatment!
    - Lynn N.
  • Great care & advice with all the staff. Highly recommend them.
    - Paul M.
  • Dr. Davidson gave me the most thorough initial examination I have ever had by a chiropractor – I was very impressed. I also like the fact that he listens to what type of techniques I am comfortable with and adjusts to suit.
    - Michael V.
  • Excellent staff. Highly recommend this clinic!
    - Chris W.
  • Personable team, treatment has been making a difference.
    - Dawn R.
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Les Davidson’s for a very long time and have had excellent results getting treatment from him. Everyone is courteous, polite and friendly.
    - Fran C.
  • I am satisfied and the staff was very helpful.
    - Marilyn E.
  • Already feeling less pain! :)
    - Erin C.
  • Very friendly staff, Dr. Davidson does a great job at explaining everything and listening to my concerns.
    - Ana P.
  • Great job to all the staff, very helpful and an overall positive environment. I will be recommending to anyone I know!
    - Quentin H.
  • Great staff. Very nice and helpful. Dr. Davidson is a very knowledgeable and easy to talk.
    - Lamees
  • Always a pleasure to get my adjustments and excellent tips on maintaining.
    - Micheline G.
  • Yes! No longer in constant pain like I was when I first came in.
    - Andrew G.
  • Warm atmosphere and staff. Everyone very positive!
    - Marilyn L.
  • Excellent service!!!!
    - Benelida S.
  • Dr Les is very knowledgeable and professional. Great help with my daily pain. Would recommend this office for any issues you may have.
    - Sean V.
  • I’m happy to have learned how much chiropractic can help!
    - Lisa B.
  • Fantastic experience visiting the clinic. Took time to listen to me and did not feel rushed at all. Highly recommend !
    - Shauna S.
  • Sleep, standing, bending, sitting and twisting are all improved after Dr Davidson’s care.
    - Paige M.
  • Very good staff and doctor is very good and experienced!
    - Baljot B.
  • Dr. Davidson and his team are exceptional! Thanks so much for the thorough assessment and treatment.
    - Steve G.
  • Thank you for your excellent service and expertise! You have gotten me back on my feet and I’m so grateful.
    - Rachel H.
  • Dr Les & the staff are very friendly, welcoming & knowledgeable. I was put very much at easy & everything was explained. I would very highly recommend!
    - Diane B.
  • Pain has subsided quicker than past injuries.
    - Anah-Jayne M.
  • Love all the help!
    - Tyler M.
  • Great to get help from a chiropractor who is also an athlete as he understands the challenges our body faces.
    - Birol F.
  • From the time we started with Les, the better it is and keeps getting better. If old age was not creeping up as fast as it is, we could both do marathons (every 5-6 years ha-ha). Thank you for the help!
    - John L.
  • Thank you for your kindness and your generosity.
    - Michelle K.


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