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Athletic Therapy

man tying his running shoesTo help you be at your athletic best or address an injury unrelated to sports, we offer athletic therapy at Adjusted For Life Chiropractic Health Centre. The primary modality we use is
NEUBIE made by NeuFit.

How Does It Work?

The NEUBIE helps reconnect the neuromuscular system. When we’re trying to heal from injury and exercise, we focus on the musculoskeletal system and sometimes forget about the neurological side. The NEUBIE is a great tool to accompany the exercises to help reconnect the neurological side of the communication. Reconnecting that part of the system can help considerably with strength gains and pain reduction.

Meet Our Athletic Therapist

Rebecca Holm, our athletic therapist, works within the health field, primarily caring for athletes, but will see any patient who has been injured. She’ll provide an on-site assessment and then preventative measures through rehabilitation and exercise. She’ll also use modalities to help a patient regain strength and movement through the prevention of future injuries.

How Athletic Therapy Complements Chiropractic

While an athletic therapist tries to help a patient regain strength and movement, a chiropractor can help restore mobility within the joint. The athletic therapist can help maintain that mobility, movement and strength.

After all, our bodies are made to move. Staying active can help keep us healthy. Athletic therapy and chiropractic can allow you to enjoy greater range of motion and keep active at every stage.


Will you assign me exercises to do at home?

Yes, when you come in for your appointments, Rebecca will give you a certain amount of exercises to do at home. You’ll also be given instructions about the times you should do them and how you should perform the exercises.

Does the NEUBIE hurt?

No, it feels like the tingling sensation your hands would experience if you’re out in the cold, and then you come in and run them under warm water.

Does insurance cover athletic therapy?

Most policies cover athletic therapy, but please check with your insurance provider.

Will exercise worsen my injury?

Movement will always help you get better, as long as it’s done within moderation. When you have an injury, it’s important to listen to your body and what it’s telling you. So there are some movements you can do right away, and then as you get stronger, you can do more of them.

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