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Chiropractor Downtown Calgary

The measures performed by a chiropractor such as spinal adjustments, soft tissue work and functional exercise prescription are designed to resolve - permanently - the underlying cause of your illness or problem. The dual objective is to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms you are experiencing and to correct the circumstances that created or contributed to the condition in the first place. We will use specific quantifiable markers to document and evaluate your progress objectively, which may include range of motion measures, functional tests and surveys. Please visit our downtown clinic or call us at (403) 284-4743 to learn more about our total person approach to your health. We look forward to helping you add more life to your years.


If you would like to experience relief from your pain or discomfort and add life to your years, schedule a consultation with your Calgary Chiropractor Dr. Les Davidson. Call the team in our Calgary NW clinic, not far from downtown, at (403) 284-4743 or book your appointment online.

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