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Chiropractic Clinic Calgary

Adjusted For Life is a Chiropractic Health Centre, but so much more. The basis of our wellness centre is chiropractic care, which is a health profession that uses, as its primary course of treatment, "adjustments" that restore the musculoskeletal system to its proper function. By naming our centre "Adjusted For Life", we remind ourselves and our patients every day that our overriding objective is to improve your life - to make adjustments not only to your spine but also to your energy, your balance, your wellbeing that help to relieve your pain, to improve your circulation, to increase your range of motion, or to make whatever changes are necessary to add life to your years.


If you would like to experience relief from your pain or discomfort and add life to your years, schedule a consultation with your Calgary Chiropractor Dr. Les Davidson. Call the team in our Calgary NW clinic, not far from downtown, at (403) 284-4743 or book your appointment online.

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