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Prescription Orthotics

These look like the insoles of your shoes but are custom made devices designed to correct the specific imbalances of your foot. They are designed to support your foot and to help it function better reducing stress and strain to the rest of your body.

The indications for using orthotics can be a localized foot pain as occurs in one of the arches or heel. Often, the problems are manifest further up the kinetic chain with knee, hip or back pain. This occurs because altered function in the foot creates a compensatory response to try to bring the body into balance. These subtle accommodations to a foundation that is not ideal creates a chain reaction while weight bearing particularly when walking or running.

Proper prescribing of orthotics requires a comprehensive examination. This includes a history of the nature of the concern and a review of the foot ware used and typical wear patterns. Because of the impact of altered foot mechanics on the entire kinetic chain the full body posture is evaluated. Attention is directed to range of motion and movement of the pelvis knee and foot. An important part of the examination is assessing gait. At the clinic we use the specialized force pad to collect data which measures the timing and forces across the foot when walking.

For many years now we have had great success using the services of The Orthotic Group in Toronto. Orthotics are custom created from the information collected during the examination with the information from the force pad emailed directly to the lab in Toronto.

The corrections are built into three basic types of orthotics. These are casual, sport, dress or specialty orthotics such as for diabetics. Most insurance plans have provision for the purchase of orthotics. If you are having difficulty stabilizing with your chiropractic adjustments or having some chronic discomfort in your foot, knee or low back you might benefit from orthotics.

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