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Massage therapy involves the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissue). In addition to manual therapy, massage therapists are trained in remedial exercise and hydrotherapy.

There are numerous forms of massage used for different purposes and treatment goals. Massage is an excellent treatment option for injury rehabilitation, trigger points, hypertonicity in muscle tissue, pain reduction, and the promotion and maintenance of overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, massage is effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

Massage therapy is complementary to your chiropractic care. The reduction in muscle tension can increase the ease of the adjustment and the rate of recovery. Many chronic conditions have a fibrotic infiltration of the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) as part of the body’s healing and adaptive response. Release of these soft tissue adhesions and promotion of circulation that occurs with massage can promote longer lasting results from your chiropractic treatment.


The length and frequency of massage treatments vary according to the individual and his or her specific needs.


Some conditions that are commonly treated by massage therapy are:


General muscle tension/hypertonicity

Muscular trigger points

Low back pain

Tension headaches

Repetitive stress injury


Ligament sprains & muscle strains